My journey to smiles and happiness

It's an odd feeling when you look at photos of yourself from years ago and feel a pang of grief when you realise that person, smiling in those pictures, has been absent for as long as you can remember. As I frantically chase back through the last few years, I can pinpoint when the fun … Continue reading My journey to smiles and happiness


A Singer’s Sense of Self

Performances are a funny thing, when you really think about it. You can practise daily for months on end, paying extensive amounts in tuition, but your fate, and ultimately your sense of gratification, lies in the  hands of strangers in an audience. You can stand at the front, pouring out your heart and soul, years … Continue reading A Singer’s Sense of Self

The Power of Music

In the dark, quiet hours between night and morning, is when it usually hits me. The silence seems to reverberate around the room, asking, pleading for the emptiness to be broken. Music. The transient melodies from the pieces played, seem to all at once, possess every inch of me and I relinquish my thoughts to … Continue reading The Power of Music


Hello world!

This is a blog all about music; from odd wonderings, progress of new pieces of my own music, to the use of music in education.  You can follow me on twitter @rebeccamhmusic or visit for some of my own work. Thanks! 🙂 x