My journey to smiles and happiness

It's an odd feeling when you look at photos of yourself from years ago and feel a pang of grief when you realise that person, smiling in those pictures, has been absent for as long as you can remember. As I frantically chase back through the last few years, I can pinpoint when the fun … Continue reading My journey to smiles and happiness


Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression, and Learning to Ride the Wave – some thoughts and advice

Don't be embarrassed. Anxiety and depression are a lot more common than you think. Recent studies through the NHS suggest that one in four people are dealing with some form of mental health issues. You are not alone, and your feelings are nothing to be ashamed of. Let's end the stigma! Learn to ride the … Continue reading Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression, and Learning to Ride the Wave – some thoughts and advice

10 things I wish someone had told me as an NQT

Life as an NQT is hard. Here are 10 of the things I wish I had known before i started. 🙂


Embracing the imperfect

Today marks a pretty big milestone for me. For the past two years I have whole-heartedly immersed myself into my teaching, leaving little space for my song-writing, composing, and performing. The other part of this, of course, was to allude myself into a somewhat self-destructive route of non self-belief in my own singing merits, or simply put, … Continue reading Embracing the imperfect


Music and the Emotive

Music has the incredible power to take you back. It can take you to sunsets in your childhood and angst-ridden break ups from your teens. Without realising it, it seems that those notes, rhythms and musical nuances, have been assigned to your memory with the feelings you were feeling when you heard it. I find the … Continue reading Music and the Emotive


A Singer’s Sense of Self

Performances are a funny thing, when you really think about it. You can practise daily for months on end, paying extensive amounts in tuition, but your fate, and ultimately your sense of gratification, lies in the  hands of strangers in an audience. You can stand at the front, pouring out your heart and soul, years … Continue reading A Singer’s Sense of Self


The Power of Music

In the dark, quiet hours between night and morning, is when it usually hits me. The silence seems to reverberate around the room, asking, pleading for the emptiness to be broken. Music. The transient melodies from the pieces played, seem to all at once, possess every inch of me and I relinquish my thoughts to … Continue reading The Power of Music