The Power of Music

In the dark, quiet hours between night and morning, is when it usually hits me. The silence seems to reverberate around the room, asking, pleading for the emptiness to be broken.


The transient melodies from the pieces played, seem to all at once, possess every inch of me and I relinquish my thoughts to this powerful source. Music has this inherent power; it both transcends thoughts and consciousness into a  meditative state and all at once, has the power to act as a reminder for mortality.

The very impact that music has upon me in this way is, for me, evidence of my mortality, of what it is to be human. Each time I am affected by the power of the music being played, I am part of a cultural tradition of many before me who have felt exactly the same.

Music, allows this awe-inspiring escapism, but in the very essence of its human creation, can be a reminder that I am not the first to feel this way, nor will I be the last.


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